How is Collaboration Good for a Company

When it comes to company efficiency and productivity, the most significant factor that determines the success of the organization is the ability of the employees to work together or not. With corporate competition increasing globally, companies have to find new ways to boost their profits. One of the ways companies raise productivity is to encourage creativity. For creativity to thrive, there is a need for healthy employee relationships which are achieved through collaboration.


Working in teams not only ensure that more ground is covered in less time, but it is also more effective. For companies to thrive in the competitive corporate world, collaboration needs to be at the center of day to day activities. So, how is collaboration good for a company?


1. It promotes self-analysis


Nothing makes your idea clearer than when you are forced to articulate what your competencies are. With collaboration, one is forced to focus on their strengths and think of ways they can be of help to the team. With collaboration, each team member needs to know what they are good at and what they are not so they can determine what they bring to the table. This encourages self-analysis which is crucial to not only helping team members get more clarity on an idea but also serve as a mirror to which one can assess their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses ultimately make one a better worker.


2. Better problem solving


The saying ‘two heads are better than one’ makes sense more than ever. What may take one person forever to solve, will take two people a short time to achieve. For instance Apple Inc. one of the biggest organizations in the world was started and advanced through a collaboration of three people. When people pull down ideas and skills, no problem is difficult to solve. Collaboration among employees not only creates a pool of talent and competency, but it also enhances the quality of the decisions made hence resulting in better problem-solving. Take for example cosmetic companies, from selling makeup products, they are now selling makeup brushes cleaning products. Working in groups help the company anticipate the next needed product which is the best soap to wash makeup brushes


3. Get to see the bigger picture


There is something about thinking as a group that opens up the mind more than thinking individually. When you approach a problem from another person’s point of view, you are able to see the bigger picture since you get to see it from different viewpoints. It is true, no two people are the same, and hence when a company gets people from different backgrounds to work together, it gets the best of all worlds. Being able to leverage the ideas of different people about the same idea helps you identify all the loopholes in the idea and how to close them. Seeing the bigger picture enables the company to devise ways to solve any problem that may arise in a project, and that is crucial for success.


4. Learning from each other


Collaboration is essentially learning from each other. When people work together, they fill each other with knowledge and ideas which enhance creativity and innovation among employees. When a company encourages a collaboration culture supports learning which is crucial for growth and company development. Also, learning from each other enables employees to learn how to treat each other which increase the capacity to resolve internal conflicts that may impede growth within a company.


Many of the progressive companies in the global market today have realized the importance of collaboration and look for more ways to foster it. For a company to prosper today, collaboration has to be at the center of the company’s plans. After all, you cannot expect to win against a team individually.